Welcome to KOCAMA, Inc!

Are you tired of the scandals plaguing the mutual fund and investment services industry?  Tired of paying high
fees for poor performance? Ever wonder why investment professionals are highly compensated even though
most fail to beat the market?  Wonder what other alternatives you have? If so, you are not alone.

Now there is an alternative!  The name "KOCAMA" is an acronym that represents our primary objective:

We are NOT a mutual fund.  KOCAMA, Inc. is an investment advisor which manages investments on a
discretionary basis for individuals, 401(k)s, IRA rollovers, trusts, foundations, corporations and endowments.  
We are a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

The firm was founded in October, 2003 based on the belief that the moral compass of the Financial Services
Industry has been broken for awhile.  
The industry has forgotten that, first and foremost, it owes a Fiduciary
Responsibility to its clients

What makes KOCAMA different?

$        Significantly lower management fees
$        The management fee is waived when we fail to perform
$        A cap on the amount of assets we manage in each product.
$        No “Soft Dollar” arrangements
$        No "Revenue-Sharing" or "Directed Brokerage" agreements
$        Focus on absolute return and not “relative performance”

As you explore our website, you will come to find that we are unlike any other investment advisor that you’ve
come across.   

Our goal is to become a low cost leader that delivers superior performance, and service which exceeds the
expectations of our clients.    KOCAMA represents to the investment management industry what Southwest
Airlines™ is to the airline industry; a low-cost leader that trumps its industry in performance.
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Southwest Airlines is a registered trademark of Southwest Airlines Inc.  KOCAMA IS NOT affiliated with Southwest Airlines.